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We welcome you to our site. We invite you to browse through and find out more about our services and care. We are currently adjusting our delivery of services during these challenging times. Social distancing has affected the way we deliver care to our patients which has caused us to temporarily postpone house-call services. While our patients are highly important to us, the safety of their pet parents and our team is equally as important. We ask for your patience as we work on alternate ways to provide care to our clients and their pets. We have NOW begun to offer remote healthcare services for clients. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy!!

Telehealth now available!!

All House-Call services are postponed until further notice


Comfortable is part of our Fear-Free approach which allows for a better experience for you and your pet.

Cat and Dog


Heath Care made easy!

We offer a plan for every life stage. From the early stages to senior stage, we offer just what your pet needs. Each of our patients receives personalized care regardless of plan. However, if a plan doesn't work for's ok! You have the option to receive Alacarte services as well.


Chart & Stethoscope


Vets in the City offers personal, convenient and comfortable home care veterinary services for pet parents in NYC. Offering patients unparalleled care and treatment options in order to help pet parents manage their pet's health from the comfort of their own homes. 


Temporarily Postponed

Appointments begin at 9am and last appointment scheduled at 6pm. We will perform our due diligence to arrive on time for your pets appointment. However, sometimes there are unforeseeable occurrences that impede our ability to arrive at our scheduled time. An emergency at the previous appointment, injury to team member, or transportation impedances are all factors that effect promptness. We will do our best to notify you in the event we are running late.




Growing up in New Jersey, Dr. Lisa developed a passion for helping animals. She set forth into the world to become a veterinarian on a mission. Dr. Lisa completed her undergraduate degree at Syracuse University with a major in public relations and a concentration in biology. She then completed a rigorous pre-med training the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation from Western University Health Science's College of Veterinary Medicine, she performed an internship at Bluepearl Veterinary Partners in New York City. Following the completion and sleepless nights of her internship, she wanted to make NYC her home. Determined to offer pets a gentler kind of veterinary service, she organized Vet's in the City. Understanding how stressful going to the veterinary office has on pets, she decided to begin her professional journey as a house-call veterinarian.

Her hands are in everything pet related. From talking to Dr. Oz about pet safety tips to conducting pet first-aid and CPR first response classes. Dr. Lisa belongs to the board and is the Medical Director of Animal Light House Rescue, whose mission is to help homeless animals of Puerto Rico find forever homes. In addition, she also co-host an the hit podcast called "We Don't Deserve Dogs" with her life partner Richie Redding.

With her influential presence on social media, she provides tips and advice for pet parents and has become the veterinarian to many Instagram famous pets. Dr. Lisa Lippman is particularly devoted to increasing the awareness of mental health in the veterinary field. She decided to join forces with Clara Grant, a licensed Veterinary technician creator of Skoop inc. As important it is for pets to have a veterinarian, its just as important for a veterinarian to have strong nurses who can deliver recommended care appropriately. Together, they have become a dynamic duo in this growing industry. 


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